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11 children with Compassion International monthly. We keep in contact with these children and our ultimate goal is for them to always feel the love of Jesus and to feel cared for.

  • We work with Bridge of Hope Missions with Pastor Rod Parsley. They feed the hungry, help put a stop to abortion and spread the love of Jesus everywhere they go!

  • We work with Hope for All Africa Ministries based in Busia, Uganda. this is where our mission team recently returned from. ABba Missions sends at least $300 each month to this organization and we have our very own sponsorship program with the children from this organization! Check out our sponsorship tab for more info. we recently were able to buy school supplies for over 60 kids and pay the past school fee debt for 16 children. Contact us if you're interested in joining our next mission to Uganda! (Scheduled for December 6th-16th) Currently the children are living with the organization leader, and his mother but we are pleased that We will begin funding the building up of the orphanage by the end of this year!

while Abba missions was on their trip, they were able to buy new beds for 8 boys who were sharing these mattresses. 

  • We work with Ezra International. Ezra works diligently at allowing poor persecuted Jewish people to go back to their land, Israel. Those who stand by Israel and Jewish people will be blessed.

  • We recently completely renovated an orphanage in Monterrey, Mexico. They were able to revamp their entire facility, giving them running water, sanitary eating areas and new bedrooms. The glory of the Lord is upon them and it is apparent that they are blessed!

We are always interested in helping with organizations that have the same vision as we do. We know God has called us to more than a mediocre life, living for ourselves and our own selfish gain. 


Angel Eduardo Tubay Yoza​



We support 10 children


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